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Explore our tips and stories to inspire your daily routine. From medication to recipes, we’re here to help you live healthier, every day.

Featured Weight Management
5 easy tips for starting your exercise routine

Kickstart your fitness journey effortlessly with these 5 simple yet effective tips. From setting realistic goals to embracing activities you love, learn how to make exercise a sustainable part of ...

Featured Nutrition
Meal planning 101: A guide to healthier eating

Discover how easy and beneficial meal planning can be for your health and lifestyle. Learn tips and strategies to create balanced, nutritious meals, saving you time and money while enhancing your ...

Delightful Greek Yogurt Sundae

Indulge in a guilt-free dessert with our Greek Yogurt Sundae - creamy yogurt layered with fresh berries, crunchy nuts, and nutrient-rich flaxseeds. This no-cook, vegetarian, and gluten-free treat ...

Nourishing Salmon, Quinoa, and Avocado Salad

Satisfy your cravings with this nutrient-dense salad featuring flaky salmon, nutty quinoa, creamy avocado, and fresh veggies. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free, it's a flavor-packed, ...

Refreshing Cucumber, Tomato, and Avocado Salad

Enjoy a refreshing and vibrant salad with crunchy cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, creamy avocado, and a zesty lemon dressing. Packed with flavors and nutrients, this vegan and gluten-free dish is perfect ...

Why oral health matters in diabetes management

Maintaining oral health is crucial for individuals living with diabetes. Learn how caring for your teeth and gums can help prevent complications, stay healthy, and feel your best every day.

Delicious tortilla soup recipe

Get inspired in the kitchen with this delicious recipe for low-fat Chicken Tortilla Soup. Perfect for diabetes management, it's sure to become a favorite!

Weight Management
Empowering your weight loss journey with and without Ozempic

Discover the science behind Ozempic's weight-loss effects and practical tips for maintaining progress. Learn why some regain weight post-medication and how lifestyle changes can help. Explore ...

Easy breakfast eggbites recipe

Wholesome and easy-to-make gluten-free, vegetarian egg bites recipe with spinach, peppers, and goat cheese. Perfect for a healthy breakfast!

Savory Spinach Omelet Recipe

Kickstart your day with a yummy and nutritious spinach omelet filled with fresh (or frozen) baby spinach and your choice of cheese. It is a treat for the taste buds and a powerhouse of essential ...

How much water you really need and why it matters

Discover the power of hydration. Dive into practical tips, understand your body's needs, and be inspired to embrace a healthier you. Our Care Team is here to support you every sip of the way. 

Managing medications during the holidays

Navigate holiday celebrations with ease while managing medications. Learn to pack smart, time doses across zones, and enjoy feasts with GLP-1 medications without compromising your health.

Weight Management
How to eat on GLP-1 medications for optimal results

Discover how to eat for optimal results while taking GLP-1 medications like Wegovy or Saxenda. Learn about balanced meals, regular eating schedules, prioritizing protein, and more. Maximize the ...

Smart holiday swaps for a healthier festive season

Discover smart, tasty swaps for classic holiday dishes that won't derail your health goals. Enjoy the festive season healthily, from cauliflower mac ‘n cheese to homemade seasonal drinks with our ...

Weight Management
Maintaining muscle strength while using weight loss medications

Find out why muscle strength matters while on weight loss medications.

The benefits of mindful eating

Interested in introducing mindful eating into your diabetes care routine? Learn why making a few small changes can have a positive impact on your health.

Weight Management
How much weight loss is enough? Understanding your goals and health benefits

Discover the benefits of healthy weight loss weight and how even moderate weight loss can improve overall health.

Weight Management
The impact of weight loss on your metabolic health

Discover the link between weight loss and metabolic health. Learn how losing weight can boost insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar, optimize cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure.

Nutrition Weight Management
Healthy habits for a healthy summer

Enjoy summer with confidence and health with our wellness tips about mindful eating, smart snacking, staying hydrated, and staying active.

How to eat healthy at any age

Eating healthy is important for everyone, but it becomes even more important as we age. Get 5 tips on including more healthful options in your daily life.

Delicious & healthy avocado turkey sandwich recipe

Looking for a diabetes-friendly lunch recipe? This turkey avocado sandwich is easy to make, packed with vegetables, and perfect for balancing blood sugar levels.

Nutritious chicken citrus salad recipe

This light, refreshing chicken and citrus salad is packed with vitamins to support your diabetes management goals! Get the recipe now.

Diabetes medication as a weight loss solution

Are diabetes medications a good solution for weight loss? Learn more about how GLP-1 drugs work, and the risks and benefits.

How to use the Tasso+ Device to collect your blood sample

The 9amHealth at-home lab kit now features the Tasso+ Device for collecting blood samples at home. Learn how it works here.

About Us
How to get your diabetes labs done with 9amHealth

9amHealth provides testing recommendations based on your needs. Tests are done at home or at your nearest patient service center and include screenings for A1c, heart health, liver and kidney health, ...

Why it's important to calculate your risk for diabetes

Calculating your risk for diabetes is a key part of your preventive health routine. Learn more about how to assess your risk right from home.

Easy breakfast recipe: pita with egg and Canadian bacon recipe

Looking for a tasty, easy-to-follow breakfast recipe that doesn't spike your blood sugar level? Try this yummy breakfast pita filled with egg and bacon.

How diabetes affects BIPOC communities

There are many reasons why BIPOC communities experience higher rates of diabetes. Read more about how virtual care can help address some of them.

Diabetes and high blood pressure

This article will tell you more about diabetes and blood pressure, life expectancy, health tips, and how 9amHealth can help you live your best life.

What are the complications of type 2 diabetes?

It is important to be aware of what the diabetes-related complications are and how to prevent them. Read the following article to learn more.

What To Know About Diabetes and Cholesterol

High cholesterol can happen to anyone, but people living with diabetes need to be especially careful. Learn more about how to keep your heart healthy.

Can Metformin help with gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Learn more about Metformin and gestational diabetes here.

PCOS and diabetes: is there a link?

PCOS impacts women in their baby-making years. Hormone imbalances are common to both PCOS and diabetes, but are the two conditions linked? Learn more here.

Why it’s important to get a diabetic eye exam

Diabetes can cause lots of changes, including eye changes. Learn why staying up-to-date with diabetic eye exams can help you preserve your eyesight.

Seven vaccines people living with diabetes should get

Living with diabetes? Add vaccines to your care routine. Vaccines boost immune protection and help us avoid preventable diseases. Learn more here.

What is Glimepiride used for?

Glimepiride is a medication commonly used for people with type 2 diabetes. Learn more about how it helps to manage blood sugar levels.

What is Glipizide used for?

Since the 1960s, Glipizide has been used to effectively manage blood sugar for people living with diabetes. Learn more about Glipizide and how it works.

Why you should eat high-fiber foods for better health

Fiber and your health routine go hand-in-hand. Learn how fiber can help people living with diabetes maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Best foods to eat with diabetes

We cover the most nutritious foods to eat when you have diabetes. Learn more about the healthiest bread, the best fruit picks and delicious snacks.

About Us
Why we founded 9amHealth?

Learn more about why we launched 9amHealth, what our programs provide, and how we make it easier to live with chronic conditions.

Sugar substitutes for a healthy living

Taking special care of your health may mean allowing sugar substitutes to help tame your sweet tooth. Learn more about sugar substitutes for healthy living.

How to use the plate method

Create perfectly portioned meals with a healthy balance of vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates— all you need is a plate!

Medications Diabetes
Can you drink alcohol while taking Metformin?

You might be wondering if a drink or two will break your healthy blood sugar streak? Can you drink alcohol while taking Metformin? Find out in this article.

Medications Diabetes
Metformin treatment for prediabetes

Have you been recently diagnosed with prediabetes? Eating healthy, exercising, and taking Metformin may be the recommended treatment. Learn more here.

Food that activates your sex drive

If you have diabetes, your sex drive may be lower than usual or even absent. Learn more about food that activates your sex drive.

Why access to birth control and abortion care matter when you have diabetes

Reproductive healthcare matters for people with diabetes. Learn what steps you can take to stay informed and safe.

Medications Diabetes
How to overcome the side effects of Metformin

Studies have shown that Metformin safely and effectively lowers blood glucose and even helps with weight management. Learn how to avoid side effects.

Can you eat ice cream when you have diabetes?

If you're living with diabetes you can enjoy a variety of foods in moderation and still be healthy. This article will give you the scoop about ice cream.

7 tips to better your diabetes and sex life

Improving your blood sugar control is the key to having better sex. Read on to enhance your diabetes and sex life with these seven tips.

Medications Diabetes
How to get a Metformin prescription if you have diabetes

Metformin is a common prescription for type 2 diabetes. Affordable and convenient, virtual healthcare makes it easy to add Metformin to your routine.

6 questions you should ask your doctor about diabetes

It’s important to communicate openly with your Care Team to develop your treatment plan. Learn what to ask so you know what to expect when newly diagnosed.

How to reverse prediabetes in 5 ways

You can reverse prediabetes if you’re committed to making the necessary lifestyle changes: healthier foods, getting active, and quitting smoking. Learn more.

Mental Health
Why stress management is important for diabetes

Managing stress while managing diabetes, easier said than done! Learn how to recognize the signs of stress and how to minimize its impact on your health.

Diabetes and severe COVID: What you need to know

People with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of getting severely ill from COVID. Learn why that is and how to reduce your risk.

6 tips on how to take care of your diabetes on the road

Taking care of your diabetes on the road isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Learn about healthy food, access to care, and simple workouts while on the road.

How to take care of your diabetes without insurance

The cost of diabetes can be overwhelming, but there are ways to make diabetes care more affordable—with or without insurance.

Mental Health
Can diabetes cause mental health issues?

Dealing with diabetes can leave you feeling down. Learn more about why diabetes causes mental health issues and how to take care of yourself.

How does type 2 diabetes affect your lifestyle?

Taking the right lifestyle choices can help prevent diabetes complications and increase life expectancy. Learn how even small changes make a difference.

Is diabetes genetic?

Are you worried about getting diabetes because of your parents’ medical history? While having a close family member with diabetes certainly plays a part in its cause, managing lifestyle factors ...

7 easy breakfast choices for diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean you’re subject to the same bland breakfast. Learn about good breakfast choices that won't spike your blood sugars.

What kind of doctors treat diabetes?

The right care team will help you manage your diabetes with ease. Learn more about what kind of specialists you need and how 9amHealth can help.

What are the best exercises for diabetes?

Exercise is instrumental in managing your diabetes and has many health benefits. Read on to learn more about the best exercises for diabetes.

Should I take medication for my diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes medications include a wide variety of oral and injectable medications. Find out if you should take medication for your diabetes.

5 ways to prevent type 2 diabetes

Eating nutrient-rich foods and exercising can keep blood sugars in range. Find out how to prevent type 2 diabetes and take steps towards better health.

How do we treat prediabetes and type 2 diabetes?

9amHealth gives you access to a Care Team to help you with medications, labs, and personalized guidance for nutrition and exercise. Read on to learn more.

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed?

With the right combination of diet, exercise, and sometimes medication, the progression of diabetes can be stopped—or even reversed. Find out how here.

How do I manage blood sugar levels?

Diet and exercise habits are essential to managing blood sugar levels. Learn adjustments you can make to your routine to support your blood sugar levels.

What should my blood glucose level be?

When managing your diabetes, monitoring your blood glucose levels is key. 9amHealth has some quick tips and a free blood glucose meter to help you get started.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how your body uses glucose. Learn about early signs of diabetes, diabetes tests, and more.

What causes type 2 diabetes?

Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes. In fact, diabetes isn’t caused by one factor at all. Learn more about the causes and preventive steps you can take.

Which types of diabetes are there?

There are four types of diabetes: Prediabetes, type 2, type 1, and gestational diabetes. But how are they different? Learn more in this article.

5 things you can do about high blood sugar levels in the morning

You wake up only to find your blood sugar level is higher than it should be. In this blog you will learn what to do about high blood sugars in the morning.

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How to set goals that last all year long

SMART goals are a way to set resolutions that help you stay motivated and achieve your goals. Keep reading to learn how to have your best year yet.

How do you find out if you have type 2 diabetes?

Amanda was diagnosed with prediabetes in early 2018, but her doctor did not tell her the implications of that diagnosis. Read her story.

5 tips on how to get the most out of your diabetes appointments

If you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be feeling overwhelmed and scared. We'll help you to prepare yourself with these useful tips.

How to find a diabetes doctor who cares?

Have you ever felt rushed by your primary care physician? Read on to learn about 9amHealth's care approach which includes unlimited access to virtual care.

How to help a family member living with diabetes

While your family members can receive help from their care team, learning how to support someone with diabetes is one of the best things you can do for them.

Medications Diabetes
How do I get off Metformin?

While it's possible to stop taking Metformin, there are essential things to keep in mind before making any changes. We give you 8 tips to make the change.

How can I take care of my diabetes and be a good parent?

The moment CJ learned that she had diabetes, everything changed. Read about how she manages her diabetes and continues to be good mom to her kids.

Can I still drink alcohol when I have diabetes?

A diabetes diagnosis can seem like a challenge when it comes to alcohol. Enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages by keeping the following points in mind.

Which lab tests do I need for metabolic health?

Staying on top of metabolic lab tests can be tough. Let’s break down different types of tests, as well as your options for getting blood tests.

Mental Health
The shame associated with a type 2 diabetes diagnosis

When Lynda was diagnosed with diabetes her initial reaction was shock, guilt and shame. Read her story and how she is no longer ashamed of her diabetes.

How does diabetes affect my sex life?

Diabetes will change your sex life, but surprisingly, it may be for the better. Read about how it can help you to take better care of your body and health.