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Unlocking the full value of your formulary

Delivering the full potential of your formulary with concierge cardiometabolic care

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Benefits at a Glance

  • Five conditions, one solution
  • Formulary aligned
  • Cost-effective quality care
  • Seamlessly integrated
  • Five conditions, one solution
  • Formulary aligned
  • Cost-effective
  • Seamlessly integrated
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Is drug spending affecting your clients' bottom line?

As healthcare costs and drug spend for diabetes and obesity continue to rise, your clients are facing an ever-growing problem.

By leveraging our data-driven analysis and specialized Care Team, 9amHealth can relieve your clients from balancing cost control and quality care. Our team of medical experts find the most affordable, clinically relevant treatment option by aligning medications with plan formularies and presenting alternative treatment strategies for conditions such as diabetes and obesity. This combined approach positively impacts medication spend and drives clinical outcomes and medication adherence.  

Our Solution

Get ahead of the curve with one solution

Created by experts for: [%mobile-break%]  [[Obesity]]  [[Diabetes]] [[Prediabetes]]  [[Hypertension]] [[Hyperlipidimia]]

Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

Expert-led lifestyle guidance and personalized prevention and treatment strategies. Our medical experts offer tailored support, including lifestyle guidance, medications, labs, and ongoing monitoring, all aligned with your client's preferred formulary and cost-effective medication pathways.

Heart Health

In our comprehensive care approach, we screen, monitor, and treat hypertension and hyperlipidemia to safeguard overall cardiometabolic health and minimize the risk of acute incidents such as hospitalizations.

Weight Management

We provide high-touch clinical support that closely manages and monitors members through a comprehensive weight-loss program, including behavior changes and medications when needed, all in accordance with your clients' formulary and benefits. 

Better for their health. Better for your business.

A1c reduction

Average reduction among members with A1c>9% over 12 months.

Blood pressure reduction

Reduction of systolic BP among members ≥140/90

Body weight

Average weight reduction for members enrolled in the 9amHealth weight health program over 8 months. 

Medication adherence

Proportion of days covered with 6+months in the program

One end-to-end service

By treating multiple conditions with one end-to-end service, we help your clients save costs and improve clinical outcomes. Our team-based approach helps to consolidate appointments and different standards of care.

A cost-saving approach to a growing problem

We prescribe the most cost-effective medications on your formulary, per default. Our education-based step therapy approach ensures members avoid high-cost medication as long as clinically appropriate and makes prior authorization obsolete.

Seamlessly integrated with other systems

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing pharmacy solutions and facilitates the sharing of clinical information with existing providers, ensuring a smooth experience for our members.

High-touch, specialized care—for more people

We take a whole-body approach to treatment, combining prescription medications with nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching to address chronic conditions from multiple angles.

A solution that connects it all

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Trustpilot score: 4.8 and NPS: +80.5
A people-first philosophy

Why our members love us

People living with chronic conditions don’t need a one-size-fits-all approach. What they need is hands-on support that puts their needs first. We ask the right questions and provide genuinely actionable solutions. We commit to helping people understand their conditions but also having faith in what’s possible with the right support and resources to live healthy every day.
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