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Overview Overview Diabetes and high blood pressure

Diabetes and high blood pressure

Living with Diabetes Lifestyle
1/31/2023    |    0 min read

Around 37 million people today are living with diabetes. It’s estimated that 73.6% of adults with diabetes also have hypertension or high blood pressure. In fact, high blood pressure happens twice as much in people with diabetes than in people without.

If you have prediabetes, you can significantly improve your health by preventing type 2 diabetes, getting regular blood pressure screenings, and getting treatment for existing health conditions. Maybe you have diabetes and high blood pressure and are concerned about what this might mean for your health in the long run.

Learn about blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood pressure life expectancy, health tips, and how 9amHealth can help you live your best life.

What is blood pressure?

Your heart has a big job of pumping blood throughout your body to supply it with oxygen and nutrients. The blood moves through arteries and vessels (your cardiovascular system); however, it may move with too much pressure, causing stress on your heart and on these blood vessels. Your doctor will want to keep tabs on the health of your cardiovascular system by measuring and tracking your blood pressure.


Blood pressure measures the force of blood pushing against your arteries and blood vessels. Your doctor uses two numbers to measure your blood pressure⸻ systolic and diastolic.

  • Systolic pressure measures the force of blood pushing against your artery walls when the heart contracts or pumps blood to the rest of your body.
  • Diastolic pressure measures the force of blood pushing against your artery walls when the heart relaxes or fills up with blood.

An example of normal blood pressure is below 120/80; your doctor may report this as “120 over 80”. The top number is the systolic pressure, and the bottle number is the diastolic pressure. Your doctor will track your blood sugar levels in your health records and blood pressure readings.


What do my blood pressure numbers mean?

Healthy blood pressure: at or below 120/80

  • May indicate a low chance of high blood pressure or stroke

Early high blood pressure: between 120/80 and 140/90

  • Blood pressure is elevated, making your heart work harder than usual.
  • Your doctor will determine if treatment is necessary.

High blood pressure: above 140/90

  • The blood pushes against the arteries and vessels with extra force, making the heart work in overdrive.
  • Treatment is crucial, whether it’s lifestyle changes or medication.

How does diabetes and high blood pressure affect my life expectancy? 

There are multiple ways in which diabetes and high blood pressure affect life expectancy. Like diabetes, high blood pressure increases the chance of developing kidney disease, heart attacks, eye problems, and stroke, reducing life expectancy. Other factors that can impact life expectancy with diabetes and high blood pressure are the effectiveness of your treatment plan, lab values, nutrition, obesity, and smoking.


It’s helpful to remember that no amount of research or doctors can tell you how long you’ll live because every person with diabetes and high blood pressure is unique. Lifestyle changes can dramatically change your health for the better. Consistent health habits that help keep your blood sugar levels and blood pressure readings healthy can improve your lifespan and your quality of life.

Quick tips for treating high blood pressure with diabetes

You can take good care of your body and well-being by managing your blood pressure and blood sugars. The following quick tips can help you bring your blood pressure and diabetes to healthier measures.

  1. Nourish your body: Eat a wide variety of healthy foods.
  2. Get active: Find a form of safe exercise that’s okay with your doctor.
  3. Manage your diabetes: Continue checking your blood sugar levels and taking your medications.
  4. Take your blood pressure medications: Losartan and Lisinopril are two of the most prescribed blood pressure medications in the US, and recommended for people living with both diabetes and high blood pressure.

Are you concerned about managing high blood pressure with diabetes?

At 9amHealth, we want you to live your life the healthiest you can. If you are looking for support and guidance on how to take care of your body with diabetes and high blood pressure, we can help. We’ll create a personalized care plan based on what works for you—and take every new day as it comes together. Become a member by signing up here.

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