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How to get your diabetes labs done with 9amHealth

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3/9/2023    |    0 min read

We get it. Finding time in your busy daily schedule is not easy. You have appointments, work, and family commitments, plus you need to find time to eat, exercise, and sleep. So it’s easy to put off a diabetes lab test as just one more thing on the list, even if you know it’s important.

That’s why 9amHealth makes lab testing easier. We offer a few different ways to get your labs done, which are such an important part of your diabetes treatment. 

Which lab tests does 9amHealth offer?

We provide testing recommendations and create a schedule based on your needs. Tests are done at home or at your nearest patient service center. You and your Diabetes Care Specialist will review the results together.

Our lab tests include the following screenings: 

  • A1c to measure your average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months
  • Lipid Panel for heart health
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel for liver and kidney health and electrolyte balance 
  • Urine microalbumin test for kidney health 

Which lab tests should I take for diabetes?

Regular testing helps you and your diabetes care team track how well your diabetes management plan is working and provide insights into your overall health. The most important diabetes lab tests are:

  • An A1c test to measure your average blood sugar level over the past two to three months.
  • A lipid panel, which includes cholesterol and triglycerides for heart health.
  • Complete a metabolic panel (CMP) to check your liver and kidney function and electrolyte balance.
  • Microalbumin to screen for early signs of kidney disease.

This information tells you if your current treatment is working, so you and your Care Team can adjust medications or lifestyle habits to optimize your plan.

How does lab testing work?

All lab tests include a free consultation with your Care Team about your results and the next steps. 

At-home lab testing

Getting your labs drawn at home is a simple, seamless process. Once you or your Care Team have added the comprehensive lab tests to your treatment plan, you’ll have the following options, depending on where you live:

1. Schedule a convenient time with one of our partners Scarlet Health or GetLabs for a phlebotomist (someone trained to draw blood) to come to you. You get to specify when and where, making it so simple to manage your diabetes care effectively. They will take your blood sample to a lab to process and once it's done we'll send you the results to your 9amHealth account. The results are usually ready in 2-3 days. 

2. Use the Tasso+ Device to collect your blood sample at home and send it to a certified lab with a prepaid shipping label. Results will take 1-2 days and will be available in your 9amHealth account. 

In-lab visit 

If at-home lab testing is not available in your area, we will find the nearest LabCorp or Quest facility. After receiving the lab order from our Care Team you go to the facility to draw your blood (walk-ins are welcome!). You will get the results within 1-2 days. 

Try at-home diabetes care anytime and anywhere

Effective diabetes care can require adjustments based on your needs, and labs provide essential information to your diabetes care team to help make those decisions. With lab testing from 9amHealth, you can take charge of your diabetes care and make sure you’re getting the tests you need.

About the author

Caitlin Beale is a registered dietitian nutritionist and freelance health writer based out of Northern California. She’s worked for over ten years as a dietitian in acute care, private practice, education, and community nutrition. Caitlin loves translating complicated science-based information into fun-to-read content that is accessible to anyone.

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