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Overview Overview How to use the Tasso+ Device to collect your blood sample

How to use the Tasso+ Device to collect your blood sample

Lab Tests
3/9/2023    |    0 min read

Staying on top of your lab tests is essential to living a healthy life with prediabetes or diabetes. But lab tests can feel like another chore when work, family responsibilities, and other tasks keep you busy. That’s why 9amHealth offers a convenient at-home lab option featuring the Tasso+ Device for easy blood collection without making appointments or driving to the lab.

What is the Tasso+ Device and how does it work?

With the Tasso+ device you can collect blood samples without going to a lab. The sample will be sent to a certified lab and the results will help to gain better insight into your health. 

Based on your medical history, the 9amHealth Care Team will send you a Tasso+ device to screen for diabetes, kidney, and heart conditions. Your results will be available in your 9amHealth account within 3-4 days, and our Care Team will review them with you. 

Watch this video to learn more about how to use Tasso+, or follow the instructions below.

Prepare your sample 

Find a comfortable seat and lay out the box and its contents before you. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete the sample. 

Before completing your blood collection, make sure to schedule your blood sample return pick-up with UPS. You must return your blood sample on the same day as the collection. Please schedule your pick-up Monday through Friday only using the QR Code on the instructions.

Before you start, you’ll need: 

  • A timer (e.g. your phone) 
  • A pen 
  • A razor to remove any access hair from the collection site
  • A small mirror to help see the collection in progress 

And then follow these steps: 

  1. Start by washing your hands. 
  2. Identify the collection site. For best results remove any hair. 
  3. Collect all needed items. Remove the device from the tray. 
  4. Twist and remove the cap from the tube. 
  5. With fill lines facing out and the label facing back, press the tube into the device until snug. 
  6. Follow the heat pack instructions to activate. If the pack does not heat up, discard it and use your hand instead. 
  7. Rub the heat pack or hand up and down your shoulder for 2 minutes to warm and increase the blood flow. 
  8. Clean the area with an alcohol pad and allow it to dry. 
  9. Remove the clear plastic cover over the red button. 

Collect your sample

  1. Peel the tab away from the device and stick the device to your shoulder. 
  2. Hang your arm straight down at the side. 
  3. Press button all the way down ONCE and release. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Watch the tube fill using a mirror as needed. 
  4. Blood may not appear for the first 1-2 minutes. Remove the device at 5 total minutes or sooner if blood reaches the top line before 5 minutes. 
  5. Remove the device by peeling it from one side. If needed,, apply the supplied bandage. 
  6. Remove the tube with a slight twist and pull down. 
  7. Snap the cap fully onto the tube. 
  8. Gently invert the tube 10 minutes to mix the blood. Tap or flick the tube to get your blood moving. Any gel in the tube will not mix with the blood. 

Ship your sample 
  1. Apply the barcode label to tube 
  2. Place the tube in the clear return bag and press to seal. Do not remove the pad. 
  3. Fill out the collection date form included with your kit. 
  4. Follow the provided instructions to return your sample to the lab. 
  5. Dispose of all used materials. 
  6. Wash your hands after use. 

Get your results 

After 3-4 days, you will receive a notification from 9amHealth that your lab results are available in your 9am account. Our Care Team will offer a free consultation to review your results and discuss any next steps if necessary. 

With 9amHealth at-home labs you can feel confident about getting quick and reliable results from home without visiting a lab or doctor’s office. Your lab results will inform you and your Care Team about the next steps in your treatment and, ultimately, live a healthier life. Please contact our Care Team if you have any questions. 

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